network fatigue anyone…?

… I think I have to start doing entries earlier in the day – I just joined a Writers review book club and have been inundated with tweets and re-tweets and new followers. Honestly not that I’m ungrateful – my Twitter followers have increased by 33% in a mere 24 hrs!

I know, I know – I’m paranoid, and HAVE to look up every single tweeter who follows or re-tweets me before I decide to follow them as well, instead of just clicking the email note. Well – it’s rude isn’t it? Following someone if you don’t know them from Adam? Plus I’m a closet nosey parker and like finding out who these people are – sometimes it’s someone really interesting or perhaps, if I’m really really honest, I’m just checking up that they’re not a closet axe murderer. Or have I been watching to much Game of Thrones recently? 😛

Anyway – feel better for moaning on and not saying anything too pertinent. Will try harder – and earlier tomorrow to write whatever it was I was about to start in here before I opened up my email! lol

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