Finally! I’m IN…

… actually I’m been in since Wednesday, but winter torpor has crept in after all the excitement with the RRBC conference last weekend, so I’ve been wagging off a lot.


Soooo – first of let’s show that I really am there! And here’s the 4 corners…

study4 study3study2 study1

You might be able to see that I’ve got the printer in finally – for someone whose main work experience was tied into print publishing as part of a forms design department, you’ll probably realise that being without it was a big wrench, even though it was only for a few weeks. Luckily it’s in just in time for the festering season so all in all it’s worked out pretty well.

I’m super-pleased with the whole room – it’s going to make a big difference to my daily life being able to have all the trappings of my passions in the same lovely and me-friendly space. I’m having a New Year ‘takeaway’ party next – an excuse to put up the xmas tree, but also to have a giveaway of the surplus furniture that’s now cluttering up my living room, in anticipation of phase two of the ‘remodelling’ of the lounge and kitchen into an open plan layout. This time next year, folks – I’ll havea new house almost!😉

I should be in to post before the 25th, but I don’t, or you’ve got plans too and can’t come back,  Seasons Greetings and may your god(s) bless you this Yuletide!😀


Happy Hogswatch everyone! This is the Discworld version of Yule where the Hogfather delivers bloody bones to the girls and boys who haven’t been nice! If you look at the festive background wallpaper, you’ll see the more recognisable snow-scene😉

IT’S HERE!!! #RRBC’s Writer’s Conference & Book Expo


Doors will be opening up at 3 p.m. Central Time, which is 9 p.m. over on the other side of The Pond!

Click HERE, or on the banner above to go to the Welcome Page

I’ll post the proper links for the Author and Vendor Booths and the Sessions I’m presenting once the whole site opens up to the registered participants and the public later on today!❤


Click HERE, or on the star above to go to my Author booth at the Expo!

The sessions I’m presenting are

(with A. M. Manay)



please note that sessions are password-accessed (as most are registration only) with links to off-site material.


Putting this on INKorporated as it gets more visits! ;-):


I think this is my favourite out of my attempts to honour Tolkien by taking literally this statement from from Letters #133; ‘I had a mind to make a body of more or less connected legend … which I could dedicate simply to: to England; to my country. … I would draw some of the great tales in fullness, and leave many only placed in the scheme, and sketched. … leave scope for other minds and hands, wielding paint and music and drama.” ‘ I hope he would not mind some prose as well.

The Last Ringbearer

“Come away, Dad, do. There’s nothing more we can do here.” Robin Gamgee tugged anxiously at his father’s arm, but Sam remained still, silent, gazing down at the mound of fresh-heaped earth at his feet.
Robin looked up at his brothers and sisters standing round. Most were weeping, but Elanor stood dry-eyed, looking…

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#RRBC #RRBCAspireToInspire – I’m guesting today!

It’s not a huge secret that Aspire to Inspire is my favourite RRBC Rave Waves show!😀 So, even though my voice is not my most reliable faculty, I was really chuffed (Brit vernacular for very pleased indeed) to be asked to come onto the show today. The subject is about our heroes and why we are drawn to them, be they mythic, historic or from the imagination – right up my street!😉

No prizes to Tolkien/Peter Jackson aficianados for guessing who this hero of mine is…

… and, for those who still don’t have a clue that’s a photo-manipulation of Ian McKellern, as Gandalf, swatting away at the magnificent CGI Balrog from the start of The Two Towers.

Anyway – at this stage, I’m still 50 minutes away from ‘air-time’ so here’s


if you want to listen in live – I’ll change it to the archive link when it’s over.😀

My good friends, Gwen Plano and John Howell, the permanent co-hosts, will be on hand as always with their takes on the quote we’re discussing too – hope to maybe connect with you on Twitter later on!😉

Calling all indie writers and indie readers – the ULTIMATE reason to join RRBC is because…

No – it’s not deja vu! I’ve posted this again on purpose.😉 Basically, I’m too busy putting the finishing touches to 2 videos I’m presenting at the conference so I decided a little ‘re-cycling’ was allowable…
See you at the convention? You bet!😀

Siân Glírdan

It’s THAT time of year again… Yes, you know the one – where our credit cards get battle fatigue and shopping malls are all gaudy and loud with the sound of sleigh bells and such-like?

This Festive Season you have an alternative to THIS…

(it took us agesto find a vid of this withoutcurse words and excessive blood and gore…)

For writers, the winter holiday season can be both heaven and hell… This winter however, there’s a game changer for all indie book fans and writers, old and new –

the RRBC Writers Conference & Book Expo!

Imagine it – a place where everyone, writers, editors, illustrators, reviewers, publishers, typesetters, booksellers and readers can get together socially, talk about books, watch videos about books, find out how to write better books and buy book presents!

Scratch that – you don’t have to imagine it at all, because we’ve done…

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