Requiem for the Status Quo, on #LisaBurton Radio

This struck a major chord with me today as my mum’s still in transition over settling into a residential care community. She’s nearly there and feels happier and safer now, so we’re feeling better about her situation.
Kudos to you, Iren,e for tackling dementia care for the elderly in a realistic and supportive way – and to you Lisa and Craig for shining a light on this important topic today.

Entertaining Stories

“Hello, caller. You’re on the air with Lisa Burton. What can we do for you today?”

“I don’t think I’ve met you, Lisa, this is Patrick Quinn, can you please put my daughter, Colleen, on the phone?”

“Sorry, Patrick I think you’ve got the wrong number. I’m actually a radio talk-show host, Lisa the robot girl.”

“Robot girl? What can I do for you?”

“Well, Patrick, you called me and I’m glad you did. Now that we’re on the air, what would you like to talk about?”

“If I had my druthers, I’d like to talk about and to Connie. She’s my wife. She died a few years ago. Let me tell you about her … did you say your name is Laura?”

“Close, it’s Lisa.”

“Let me tell you, Lisa, that wife of mine was a firecracker, she sure kept me on my toes but a few years ago…

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A strangely familar NEW sensation…

… looking at the world through totally cataract-free eyes today! The colours and shapes are all more sparkly and defined – and I can read the small print again! 😀 As I have astigmatism, I will probably still need glasses for close work sometimes, but it looks like I’ll be OK for distance and screen work for a good while again, as all my old specs are now redundant except if I’m doing something fiddly – like threading needles! 😛

As you know I’ve had tech trouble a couple of weeks back and, with yesterday’s eye surgery looming, it’s been a little bit of a drain on my energies for coming online up until today. Things should improve over this coming weekend though, as I’m also nearly finished with my latest domestic craze for curtain-making. Actually, they’re not so much curtains as wall hangings, as they’re primarily made of voile, with a faux suede effect section at the top, for where they attach to the curtain rings. I was going for a fancy pleat effect for the hang but decided it against that when I opted to use the cave art animal pattern I’ve got made especially as a single ‘tapestry’ piece for each window (there are three – well, two and a half). Because they’re all floaty for most of the length, when I have the windows open they’ll move with the air to give a really bright ‘torchlight’ ripple effect during the day – like I’m in a cave with the light pouring in. 😀

I’ll be putting up pictures of the final effect once the whole place is finished (couple more months I hope) but here’s some of the design 

I’ve been adapting in various guises for the new free-flow living area that’s gradually taking shape around me. This image began as the work in progress cover image for Milele Safari (when it was still called Safari Tales), so it’s something that’ll really suit the mood I wanted to give to the free-flow living space, to reflect my own life and emotional journey. Some of you may recognise the imagery as I use it quite often as a thank you post on Twitter for mentions and promos that people put up for me. All my artwork works hard and long for it’s living! 😉

When all the work’s been done, it’ll all look super, and worth the outlay I’ve put in to making my home ‘future-proof’. Lots of pics of that to come as and when it happens. Come Hallowe’en it’ll be mostly finished, and I can look forward to being able to cook a proper Xmas dinner for the first time in ages. Also to sloping off to the library/study add-on and writing up a storm in inspirational and comfy surroundings for the duration!

I’ll be like a pig in clover! 😛

Book REVIEW Video “Empty Chairs” by Suzanne Burke writing as Stacey Danson. Reviewed by Gwen Plano. #RRBC

A moving video testament by author and broadcaster, Gwen Plano on a powerful and important story of author Suzanne Burke’s, shocking childhood experiences

Welcome to the World of Suzanne Burke.

How marvelous it is to have my book reviewed in this way. I am so honored to have  Gwen Plano feel strongly about my work. Please, pop over to the YouTube site and leave a comment on her video.

Thank you for dropping by.“>“>Amazon Preview

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Songs From Richmond Avenue, on #LisaBurtonRadio

Another humdinger of a character interview from Lisa with the Buddhist in a Texas lowdive…

Entertaining Stories

Lisa Burton

Hi all you mystery lovers, this is Lisa Burton, the robot girl. You’ve landed on Lisa Burton Radio, and my guest today is a real enigma. He’s calling in today from The Relix Club in Las Vegas, and he’s known only as the Buddhist. “Welcome to the show, Buddhist.”

“My humblest of greetings, Lisa. One brief correction, if I may. I am currently in The Relix Club, true enough, but it’s located in Houston, Texas, where I have resided, on and off, for a number of years. The confusion may be that I have only recently returned from North Las Vegas. I flew west, you see, to make right a wrong done to a friend concerning his vehicle and another party’s rather substantial debt. It’s probably best to leaving it at that, at least in such a public forum. Too many people listening in, if you follow my meaning.”


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Eight Steps to Establishing Your Author Brand

Sage advice and suggestions from Stacy courtesy of those clever folks over at Storu Empire. Time tp get the DIY kit out again, methinks!

Story Empire

Ciao, SEers. I’m just getting back into the groove after a long overdue trip back to the homeland. No, not Italy, although that’s on my bucket list. We went back to Pennsylvania to celebrate my daughter’s high school graduation with the extended family. A great time was had by all. We extended our trip, which put me even further behind, but it is worth it to see loved ones, even if we ran ourselves ragged.


Who are you?My series on creating a media kit seemed to be helpful to writers, so I thought I’d discuss something that coordinates with the media kit—author branding. Having worked for several years as a corporate identity specialist in my “real” job, those principles are transferrable and I want to give you a quick checklist that might help you out.

So, without further ado, here are eight steps to author branding cohesion.

1. You Are…

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