The joys of a hand to mouth existence…

We’re temporarily borassic! I’ll let Sian explain as she’s found a better image on penury…

Siân Glírdan

… don’t make for pretty reading, but it is an interesting state to experience once in a while, so you can legitimately claim to be a writer starving in a garret! *mutters bitterly and at length*

I’m a long way from starvation (obviously), but I do have a ‘cashflow problem’ just now which means I’m maxed out on plastic and online, with only 60 quid in my wallet. The latter will be eaten up (har! har!) tomorrow by petrol money and a good blowout at a local restaurant to celebrate what would have been my 41st wedding anniversary with some friends.
The irony is that this is only a temporary blip as I have $100+ going into PayPal, my pension coming in tomorrow (or next week – not sure if it’s this Friday or next…) and, once my solicitors put a rocket up someone else’s bloody solicitors to get on…

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Is Amazon Changing How We Write Books, As Well As How We Buy Them?

If anyone can fathom Amazon’s ‘bestseller’ policy (while poking it with a big stick) it’s Tara! Me? I’m just banjaxed all round… 😛

Tara Sparling writes

Is Amazon Changing The Way We Write Books, As Well As How We Buy Them? Yay for uniformity!

The other day, I tried a little experiment, and attempted to browse Amazon as though it were a good old-fashioned, bricks-and-mortar bookshop. It didn’t end well. It’s a miracle that my laptop survived the experiment, given my frustration.

Most bookshops I know, whatever the size, broadly have 3 sections for adult fiction: ‘Bestsellers’, ‘General Fiction’, and the perennially popular* ‘Crime’.

The bigger bookshops, in this country at least, might have further sections for ‘Sci-Fi/Fantasy’ or ‘Irish Interest’: but broadly, and for decades, booksellers simply used to separate ‘Fiction’ from ‘Non-Fiction’ and ‘Children’s’.

My experiment on Amazon went broadly as follows: first I stupidly thought I’d browse through ‘Bestsellers’. But Amazon said ‘No’. Amazon decreed that I couldn’t merely browse by ‘Fiction’ bestsellers from their home page. There were only 5 Fiction bestsellers available on the landing page, and no option to click through to a longer list.

Is Amazon Changing The Way We Write Books, As Well As How We Buy Them?

With some effort I eventually…

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10 Writing Memes That Spoke to Me

Meme musings from The Neon Houses author, Linda Mimms! 😀

The Long and Short Stories of Life

Yes, Idris Elba, I should. And I will as soon as I’m done mooning over you. Maybe I’ll make you the hero in my next book and then I can stare at this pic and think of you ALL the time!

Memes are silly, funny, and inspiring. I spent a good part of Easter Sunday evening surfing the net, looking for ideas on my designated day off, and I stumbled upon these memes about writing and writers. I began to talk back to them and I decided to share my conversations with you. Sorry, I can’t tell you everything I said to Mr. Elba.


Don’t make me trade Idris for you Ryan Gosling, but what you say is so true. There was that time I’d written the best scene ever in my book, The Neon Houses. Since my Mac Book backs up automatically, I kept working for a good little while. Finally, punch drunk with fatigue, I decided to…

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Author – Harmony Kent – Book Blast Tour

Harmony’s latest collection of bon mots – what’s not to lurve?! ❤
Get your Moments, ASAP – 😎


I am happy to host Harmony Kent on her book blast tour – 14th April – part of her shout out for her new release, MOMENTS: A COLLECTION OF SHORT STORIES AND POEMS. Please support one of our most worthy club members today. Here follow some interesting titbits about her latest publishing endeavour, which I’m sure you’ll be delighted to acquire.

Blog post 6—4Wills

Hello, everyone, and welcome to my 4Wills Publishing book blast release tour. Today, I’m celebrating the release of my eighth book! Moments is a collection of short stories and poetry and brings together much of my imagination that has been scattered around for a while, lols. On each of today’s seven posts, you will find a different book excerpt … enjoy!

About the book:


Take a moment to delve into tales from the dark side, have fun with fantasy, dabble in dystopia, and court danger in a…

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Here is my interview with Jan Hawke

Little linkie to an interview I just did with the doyenne of author interviews – Fiona McVie on AuthorInterviews!
Thanks for giving me some really meaty questions to wax lyrical about, Fiona ❤


Jan Hawke – but I have a pen name I’m using more now (Siân Glírdan)

59 in June!

Where are you from:
Born in Plymouth, Devon & back in N. Cornwall since 2003 after living in the Home Counties since I got married at the ridiculous age of 17.

A little about yourself `ie your education Family life etc:
I’m a widow, the oldest of 4 sisters. Despite being in the top stream at a Catholic grammar school, my early academic career stopped at ‘O’ Levels as I had no ambitions to go to college and just wanted to get on with my adult life and start earning some money! I blame the nuns mostly, but hormones were a big factor to be entirely truthful.
I spent most of my working life with the Ministry of Justice, mainly in the family courts, so I know a fair bit about…

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